Chapter 12. Variables
第十二章 变量

Table of Contents [内容列表]
$template_dir [模板目录变量]
$compile_dir [编译目录变量]
$config_dir [配置目录变量]
$plugins_dir [插件目录变量]
$debugging [调试变量]
$debugging_ctrl [调试控制变量]
$global_assign [全局配置变量]
$undefined [未定义变量]
$autoload_filters [自动加载过滤器变量]
$compile_check [编译检查变量]
$force_compile [强迫编译变量]
$caching [缓存变量]
$cache_dir [缓存目录变量]
$cache_lifetime [缓存生存时间变量]
$cache_handler_func [缓存处理函数变量]
$cache_modified_check [缓存修正检查变量]
$config_overwrite [配置覆盖变量]
$config_booleanize [配置布尔化变量]
$config_read_hidden [配置读取隐藏变量]
$config_fix_newlines [配置固定换行符变量]
$default_template_handle r_func [默认模板处理函数变量]
$php_handling [PHP处理变量]
$security [安全变量]
$secure_dir [安全目录变量]
$security_settings [安全配置变量]
$trusted_dir [信任目录变量]
$left_delimiter [左结束符变量]
$right_delimiter [右结束符变量]
$compiler_class [编译类变量]
$request_vars_order [变量顺序变量]
$request_use_auto_globals [自动全局变量]
$compile_id [编译ID变量]
$use_sub_dirs [子目录变量]
$default_modifiers [默认修正器变量]
$default_resource_type [默认源类型变量]


This is the name of the default template directory. If you do not supply a resource type when including files, they will be found here. By default this is "./templates", meaning that it will look for the templates directory in the same directory as the executing php script.

Technical Note: It is not recommended to put this directory under the web server document root.