truncate([length = 30[, suffix = '...']]) -> string

Truncates a string to the given length and appends a suffix to it (indicating that it is only an excerpt).

Of course, String#truncatedoes not modify strings which are shorter than the specified length.

If unspecified, the length parameter defaults to 30 and the suffix to "...".

Note that String#truncate takes into consideration the length of the appended suffix so as to make the returned string of exactly the specified length.


'A random sentence whose length exceeds 30 characters.'.truncate();
// -> 'A random sentence whose len...'

'Some random text'.truncate();
// -> 'Some random text.'

'Some random text'.truncate(10);
// -> 'Some ra...'

'Some random text'.truncate(10, ' [...]');
// -> 'Some [...]'