previousSiblings(element) -> [HTMLElement...]

Collects all of element’s previous siblings and returns them as an array of extended elements.

Two elements are siblings if they have the same parent. So for example, the head and body elements are siblings (their parent is the html element). Previous siblings are simply the ones which precede element in the document.

The returned array reflects the siblings inversed order in the document (e.g. an index of 0 refers to the lowest sibling i.e., the one closest to element).

Note that all of Prototype’s DOM traversal methods ignore text nodes and return element nodes only.


  <li id="golden-delicious">Golden Delicious</li>
  <li id="mutsu">Mutsu</li>
  <li id="mcintosh">McIntosh</li>
  <li id="ida-red">Ida Red</li>

// -> [li#mutsu, li#golden-delicious]

// -> []