XSLT Functions


This PHP extension provides a processor independent API to XSLT transformations. Currently this extension only supports the Sablotron library from the Ginger Alliance. Support is planned for other libraries, such as the Xalan library or the libxslt library.

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Transformations) is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents. It is a standard defined by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Information about XSLT and related technologies can be found at » http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt.


This extension is different than the sablotron extension distributed with versions of PHP prior to PHP 4.1, currently only the new XSLT extension in PHP 4.1 is supported. If you need support for the old extension, please ask your questions on the PHP mailing lists.


本扩展已被移动到 » PECL 库中且自以下版本起不再被绑定到 PHP 中:5.0.0.


If you need xslt support with PHP 5 you can use the XSL extension.


This extension uses Sablotron™ and expat™, which can both be found at » http://www.gingerall.com/. Binaries are provided as well as source.


On Unix, run configure with the --enable-xslt --with-xslt-sablot options. The Sablotron™ library should be installed somewhere your compiler can find it.

Make sure you have the same libraries linked to the Sablotron™ library as those, which are linked with PHP. The configuration options: --with-expat-dir=DIR --with-iconv-dir=DIR are there to help you specify them. When asking for support, always mention these directives, and whether there are other versions of those libraries installed on your system somewhere. Naturally, provide all the version numbers.


Be sure your Sablot library is linked to -lstdc++ as otherwise your configure will fail, or PHP will fail to run or load.

JavaScript E-XSLT support:

If you compiled Sablotron™ with JavaScript support, you must specify the option: --with-sablot-js=DIR.

Note to Win32 Users:

In order to enable this module on a Windows environment, you must copy several files from the DLL folder of the PHP/Win32 binary package to the SYSTEM32 folder of your windows machine. (Ex: C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32). For PHP <= 4.2.0 copy sablot.dll and expat.dll to your SYSTEM32 folder. For PHP >= 4.2.1 copy sablot.dll, expat.dll and iconv.dll to your SYSTEM32 folder.


本扩展模块在 php.ini 中未定义任何配置选项。




以下常量由本扩展模块定义,因此只有在本扩展模块被编译到 PHP 中,或者在运行时被动态加载后才有效。

Drop all logging and error reporting. This is a generic option for all backends that may be added in the future.

Tell Sablotron™ to parse public entities. By default this has been turned off.


Do not add the meta tag "Content-Type" for HTML output. The default is set during compilation of Sablotron™.

Suppress the whitespace stripping (on data files only).
Consider unresolved documents (the document() function) non-lethal.
Error return code, for scheme handlers.


xslt_backend_info - Returns the information on the compilation settings of the backend
xslt_backend_name - Returns the name of the backend
xslt_backend_version - Returns the version number of Sablotron
xslt_create - Create a new XSLT processor
xslt_errno - Returns an error number
xslt_error - Returns an error string
xslt_free - Free XSLT processor
xslt_getopt - Get options on a given xsl processor
xslt_process - Perform an XSLT transformation
xslt_set_base - Set the base URI for all XSLT transformations
xslt_set_encoding - Set the encoding for the parsing of XML documents
xslt_set_error_handler - Set an error handler for a XSLT processor
xslt_set_log - Set the log file to write log messages to
xslt_set_object - Sets the object in which to resolve callback functions
xslt_set_sax_handler - Set SAX handlers for a XSLT processor
xslt_set_sax_handlers - Set the SAX handlers to be called when the XML document gets processed
xslt_set_scheme_handler - Set Scheme handlers for a XSLT processor
xslt_set_scheme_handlers - Set the scheme handlers for the XSLT processor
xslt_setopt - Set options on a given xsl processor