Mohawk Software Session Handler Functions


msession is an interface to a high speed session daemon which can run either locally or remotely. It is designed to provide consistent session management for a PHP web farm. More Information about msession and the session server software itself can be found at »


本扩展模块在 Windows 平台下不可用。



To enable Msession support configure PHP --with-msession[=DIR], where DIR is the Msession install directory.





msession_connect - Connect to msession server
msession_count - Get session count
msession_create - Create a session
msession_destroy - Destroy a session
msession_disconnect - Close connection to msession server
msession_find - Find all sessions with name and value
msession_get_array - Get array of msession variables
msession_get_data - Get data session unstructured data
msession_get - Get value from session
msession_inc - Increment value in session
msession_list - List all sessions
msession_listvar - List sessions with variable
msession_lock - Lock a session
msession_plugin - Call an escape function within the msession personality plugin
msession_randstr - Get random string
msession_set_array - Set msession variables from an array
msession_set_data - Set data session unstructured data
msession_set - Set value in session
msession_timeout - Set/get session timeout
msession_uniq - Get unique id
msession_unlock - Unlock a session