filePro Functions


These functions allow read-only access to data stored in filePro databases.

filePro is a registered trademark of fP Technologies, Inc. You can find more information about filePro at »


filePro support in PHP is not enabled by default. To enable the bundled read-only filePro support you need to use the--enable-filepro configuration option when compiling PHP.


filepro_fieldcount - Find out how many fields are in a filePro database
filepro_fieldname - Gets the name of a field
filepro_fieldtype - Gets the type of a field
filepro_fieldwidth - Gets the width of a field
filepro_retrieve - Retrieves data from a filePro database
filepro_rowcount - Find out how many rows are in a filePro database
filepro - Read and verify the map file