dbx Functions


The dbx module is a database abstraction layer (db 'X', where 'X' is a supported database). The dbx functions allow you to access all supported databases using a single calling convention. The dbx-functions themselves do not interface directly to the databases, but interface to the modules that are used to support these databases.


本扩展已被移动到 » PECL 库中且自以下版本起不再被绑定到 PHP 中:5.1.0.


To be able to use a database with the dbx-module, the module must be either linked or loaded into PHP, and the database module must be supported by the dbx-module. Currently, the following databases are supported, but others will follow:

Documentation for adding additional database support to dbx can be found at » http://www.guidance.nl/php/dbx/doc/.


In order to have these functions available, you must compile PHP with dbx support by using the --enable-dbx option and all options for the databases that will be used, e.g. for MySQL you must also specify --with-mysql=[DIR]. To get other supported databases to work with the dbx-module refer to their specific documentation.


这些函数的行为受 php.ini 的影响。

表 49. DBX Configuration Options

dbx.colnames_case"unchanged"PHP_INI_SYSTEMAvailable since PHP 4.3.0.

有关 PHP_INI_* 常量进一步的细节与定义参见附录 G, php.ini 配置选项


dbx.colnames_case string

Columns names can be returned "unchanged" or converted to "uppercase" or "lowercase". This directive can be overridden with a flag to dbx_query().


There are two resource types used in the dbx module. The first one is the link-object for a database connection, the second a result-object which holds the result of a query.


以下常量由本扩展模块定义,因此只有在本扩展模块被编译到 PHP 中,或者在运行时被动态加载后才有效。

DBX_MYSQL (integer)
DBX_ODBC (integer)
DBX_PGSQL (integer)
DBX_MSSQL (integer)
DBX_FBSQL (integer)
DBX_OCI8 (integer) (available from PHP 4.3.0)
DBX_SYBASECT (integer)
DBX_SQLITE (integer) (PHP 5)
DBX_COLNAMES_UNCHANGED (integer) (available from PHP 4.3.0)
DBX_COLNAMES_UPPERCASE (integer) (available from PHP 4.3.0)
DBX_COLNAMES_LOWERCASE (integer) (available from PHP 4.3.0)
DBX_CMP_NATIVE (integer)
DBX_CMP_TEXT (integer)
DBX_CMP_NUMBER (integer)
DBX_CMP_ASC (integer)
DBX_CMP_DESC (integer)


dbx_close - Close an open connection/database
dbx_compare - Compare two rows for sorting purposes
dbx_connect - Open a connection/database
dbx_error - Report the error message of the latest function call in the module (not just in the connection)
dbx_escape_string - Escape a string so it can safely be used in an sql-statement
dbx_fetch_row - Fetches rows from a query-result that had the DBX_RESULT_UNBUFFERED flag set
dbx_query - Send a query and fetch all results (if any)
dbx_sort - Sort a result from a dbx_query by a custom sort function