Performs debugging operations (PECL)
void maxdb_debug ( string debug )

The maxdb_debug() can be used to trace the SQLDBC communication. The following strings can be used as a parameter to maxdb_debug():

TRACE SHORT ON|OFF - Enables/disables method call trace.
TRACE LONG ON|OFF - Enables/disables method argument and detail debug trace.
TRACE PACKET ON|OFF|<size> - Enables/disables packet trace, limiting the size of the traced object to the specified number of bytes, or 1000 if no size is specified.
TRACE SQL ON|OFF - Enables/disables high level api trace.
TRACE TIMESTAMP ON|OFF - Enables/disables a timestamp prefix on each line that is traced.
TRACE SIZE <size> - Limits the size of the trace file to <size> bytes, at least 8192 bytes are required.

Return values

maxdb_debug() doesn't return any value.


例 983. Procedural style

("trace packet 200");

$link = maxdb_connect("localhost", "MONA", "RED", "DEMODB");

/* check connection */
if (!$link) {
printf("Connect failed: %s\n", maxdb_connect_error());

/* close connection */

The above example produces no output.