Modify the name of an entry (PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5)
bool ldap_rename ( resource link_identifier, string dn, string newrdn, string newparent, bool deleteoldrdn )

The entry specified by dn is renamed/moved. The new RDN is specified by newrdn and the new parent/superior entry is specified by newparent. If the parameter deleteoldrdn is TRUE the old RDN value(s) is removed, else the old RDN value(s) is retained as non-distinguished values of the entry. 如果成功则返回 TRUE,失败则返回 FALSE


This function currently only works with LDAPv3. You may have to use ldap_set_option() prior to binding to use LDAPv3. This function is only available when using OpenLDAP 2.x.x OR Netscape Directory SDK x.x, and was added in PHP 4.0.5.