Sets the mode for signing ()
bool gnupg_setsignmode ( resource identifier, int signmode )

signmode takes a constant indicating what type of signature should be produced. The possible values are GNUPG_SIG_MODE_NORMAL, GNUPG_SIG_MODE_DETACH and GNUPG_SIG_MODE_CLEAR. By default GNUPG_SIG_MODE_CLEAR is used.


如果成功则返回 TRUE,失败则返回 FALSE


例 736. Procedural gnupg_setsignmode() example

= gnupg_init();
gnupg_setsignmode($res,GNUPG_SIG_MODE_DETACH); // produce a detached signature

例 737. OO gnupg_setsignmode() example

= new gnupg();
$gpg -> setsignmode(gnupg::SIG_MODE_DETACH); // produce a detached signature