Adds javascript code to the FDF document (PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)
bool fdf_add_doc_javascript ( resource fdfdoc, string script_name, string script_code )

Adds a script to the FDF, which Acrobat then adds to the doc-level scripts of a document, once the FDF is imported into it. It is strongly suggested to use '\r' for linebreaks within script_code.

例541.Adding JavaScript code to a FDF

= fdf_create();
fdf_add_doc_javascript($fdf, "PlusOne", "function PlusOne(x)\r{\r  return x+1;\r}\r");

will create a FDF like this:

1 0 obj
/FDF << /JavaScript << /Doc [ (PlusOne)(function PlusOne\(x\)\r{\r  return x+1;\r}\r)] >> >>
/Root 1 0 R