Move internal result pointer (PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5)
bool fbsql_data_seek ( resource result_identifier, int row_number )


如果成功则返回 TRUE,失败则返回 FALSE

fbsql_data_seek() moves the internal row pointer of the FrontBase result associated with the specified result identifier to point to the specified row number. The next call to fbsql_fetch_row() would return that row.

Row_number starts at 0.

例 609. fbsql_data_seek() example

= fbsql_pconnect("localhost", "_SYSTEM", "secret")
       or die(
"Could not connect");

       or die(
"Could not select database");

$query = "SELECT last_name, first_name FROM friends;";
$result = fbsql_query($query)
       or die(
"Query failed");

// fetch rows in reverse order

for ($i = fbsql_num_rows($result) - 1; $i >=0; $i--) {
       if (!
fbsql_data_seek($result, $i)) {
printf("Cannot seek to row %d\n", $i);

       if (!(
$row = fbsql_fetch_object($result)))

$row->last_name . $row->first_name . "<br />\n";