Create new element node with an associated namespace ()
domelement DomDocument->create_element_ns ( string uri, string name [, string prefix] )


This function returns a new instance of class DomElement. The tag name of the element is the value of the passed parameter name. The URI of the namespace is the value of the passed parameter uri. If there is already a namespace declaration with the same uri in the root-node of the document, the prefix of this is taken, otherwise it will take the one provided in the optional parameter prefix or generate a random one. 本节点不会出现在文档中,除非是用例如 domnode_append_child() 函数来将其插入。

The return value is FALSE if an error occurred.

See also domdocument_create_element_ns(), domnode_add_namespace(), domnode_set_namespace(), domnode_append_child(), domdocument_create_text(), domdocument_create_comment(), domdocument_create_attribute(), domdocument_create_processing_instruction(), domdocument_create_entity_reference(), and domnode_insert_before().