Starts the session debugging ()
void apd_set_session_trace ( int debug_level [, string dump_directory] )

Starts debugging to {dump_directory}/apd_dump_{process_id}, if dump_directory is not set, then the apd.dumpdir setting from the php.ini file is used.

debug_level is an integer which is formed by adding together the following values:

       ARGS_TRACE          2
       STATEMENT_TRACE     8
       MEMORY_TRACE        16
       TIMING_TRACE        32
       SUMMARY_TRACE       64

I would seriously not recommend using MEMORY_TRACE. It is very slow and does not appear to be accurate (great, huh?) also ASSIGNMENT_TRACE is not implemented. So, to turn on all functional traces (TIMING, FUNCTIONS, ARGS SUMMARY (like strace -c)) use the value 99

例 206. apd_set_session_trace() example